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Complete online store (search, categories, SEO and mobile optmization)
Free Host
Free app for sales management in real time (Android/IOS)
Unlimited traffic
Unlimited orders
Unlimited product registration
Advanced catalog 3 photos Unlimited photos and videos
Search engine in-app
Stock control
Sort products by stock quantity
Promotional price tool
Facebook Integration
Shipping methods Only 1 Unlimited
Store details Address, description and social media's link Address, description and social media's link + store logo

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Frequently Asked Questions

Would you like to understand more about olist shops? The answers are here

  • How do I sell on olist shops?


    For now, olist shops do not advertise your store on other channels, but we’re working on it. To sell on olist shops, you must share your store’s link with your contacts via WhatsApp and social networks.

    Remember to always share your store’s link with your contacts, and ask your friends and customers to recommend your business to new prospects.

    If you have any questions, talk with our team!

  • What’s the difference between olist shops and olist store?


    The olist store is a sales model in which your products are displayed and marketed within olist on the largest marketplaces in Brazil and other relevant e-commerces. To sell on olist store some requirements are mandatory, check out here.

    The olist shops is a free app, without restrictions, so any business can have its own sales website in less than 3 minutes. Our users are, in general, businesses and people who don’t have a website or are not satisfied with the one they have. The app allows you to create a virtual store, where you can register, display and sell your products in an easy and fast way.

  • Is it possible to access the app through a desktop or register many products at once?


    It isn’t possible to access the app through a computer or register products in bulk for now. The login is only available by a smartphone and the product’s registration must be done one by one.

  • Anyone can sell on olist shops?


    Yes. To sell on olist shops you don’t need to inform your ID number or business registration. The app is made for any entrepreneur or business. Although, it is important to highlight that olist shops app is not recommended for individuals under 18 years old.

  • How does the customer pay orders on olist shops and how do I receive the sales payment?


    Currently, olist shops has payment processing available only for some countries. To check if this feature is enabled for your region, enter “settings” and search for “payment methods” option. It’s available to all users who have completed the store configuration.

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“A great way to showcase my products for my new online business. Easy to use, and no frills. Perfect for a simpleton like me!”

Niki Irving Niki Irving • App Store

“Everything about this app is just perfect. I didn’t think something this useful could be so easy to run.”

Bennydiamond Bennydiamond • App Store

“Great app. I was searching for such an app to make my life easier with growing my company. Thank you”

Marian Pesca Marian Pesca • App Store

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